Soulistic Healing Center

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Soulistic Healing Center

From massage, reflexology, craniosacral therapy, reiki, watsu aqua therapy, and sound vibration sessions to our in-depth psychospiritual counseling and true soul-healing modalities, Soulistic Healing Center offers a relaxing retreat or a healing respite from the stressful times in which we live.

Soak and swim in our copper-ionized chlorine- and chemical-free therapeutic jacuzzi tubs and heated lap pool. Enjoy the infrared sauna, or a detoxifying ionic foot cleanse—all great complements to any holistic health and wellness program.

Hydro-Pilates™ Classes offer low-impact strengthening and stretching exercises that incorporate mind-body focus movements from Pilates and Yoga.

Sound therapy sessions utilizing tuning forks and the Pythagorean Monochord Chair provide exceptional full-body sound vibrational massage that works on the central and autonomic nervous system, helping to re-energize the body and mind, relieve stress, and uplift the spirit.

We also carry ShamaMystic full spectrum, organic, boutique CBD products. These high-quality healing salves, tinctures, and pain liniment oils are hand-crafted using sacredly sourced local Arizona-grown hemp-derived CBD.

And for deeper soulistic healing, we offer Spiritual Morontia Counseling and Tron Therapy—two exclusive modalities developed over the past 30 years by co-founder and “Soul Surgeon” Gabriel of Urantia—designed to foster true psychospiritual growth and healing of the body, mind, and soul.

Tubac Chamber of Commerce Non Profit Member 2024-2025