Resting Horse Ranch

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Resting Horse Ranch

Welcome to Resting Horse Ranch, owned by Tubac Rotarians Shawn and Craig, nestled in the tranquil vistas of southern Arizona, where the sun casts its golden glow on the horizon and whispers of the desert’s tales dance on the breeze.

We warmly greet those who share our commitment to the welfare of rescued animals. Our mission at Resting Horse Ranch is crystal clear: to “provide shelter and care for equine companions as they begin and end their retirement journey.”

Volunteers form the heartbeat of our ranch, infusing it with empathy and care. We treasure each helping hand and moment spent, valuing them as much as any financial contribution. If you’re a compassionate soul eager to make a tangible difference in the lives of our equine friends, we welcome you to join our ranks!

So, trade in your city shoes for dusty boots and exchange your hectic routine for moments of desert tranquility! We invite you to become part of the Resting Horse Ranch community. Together, let’s cultivate a haven where kindness reigns supreme, and every shared moment leads to a brighter tomorrow.

Tubac Chamber of Commerce Non-Profit Member 2024-2025