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Erdé, translating to ‘Earth’ in German, is a distinctive home goods and furniture retailer nestled in Tubac, Arizona. It represents a confluence of modern style and the age-old philosophy of wabi-sabi, an aesthetic that recognizes beauty in imperfection and values the natural aging of materials like wood, stone, and metal. By fusing the convenience of online shopping with the tangibility of a brick-and-mortar store, we present a diverse array of handcrafted, locally sourced, thoughtfully curated, and sustainable products that unite beauty with function and inclusive pricing.

Erdé resonates with those seeking simplicity, tranquility, and a touch of modern elegance in their spaces. It caters to customers who align their purchasing decisions with sustainability, mindfulness, and the desire to connect with the artisans behind the creations. Beyond retail, we offer a platform for community engagement and lifelong learning. Our events, such as broom-making workshops or educational tea sessions hosted by our partnered small-batch tea maker, immerse our patrons in the stories and techniques behind the products we proudly stock.

Our assortment of products spans handmade and found vessels and vases, vintage rugs and artwork, distinctive furniture, thoughtfully curated kitchen decor, small-batch tea from Tennessee, and so much more. These goods are procured from skilled artisans who share Erdé’s pledge to quality, sustainability, and conscious consumption. Adding a further touch of exclusivity, our owner, Athena, handcrafts custom furniture and stained glass pieces, infusing her artistic vision into our collection.

Choosing Erdé means more than purchasing an item; it’s an investment in a narrative, a commitment to conscientious living, and a celebration of authenticity and simplicity tinged with modern elegance. We ensure a seamless shopping experience, both in-store and on our intuitive e-commerce platform, underlining our commitment to a customer-centric approach.

Tubac Chamber of Commerce Bronze Member 2024-2025