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Jump aboard the swiftly expanding realm of rural satellite internet with ACI Starlink Installers, the leading Starlink installation service in Arizona! We specialize in delivering professional-grade installations of Starlink satellite equipment, seamlessly connecting your “Dishy” to an indoor location and initiating your new Starlink Internet service.

In addition to our expertise in Starlink installations, we offer comprehensive residential and commercial technology solutions. Whether you require whole-home or property Wi-Fi internet access, count on us to provide tailored resolutions for your needs.

Please note, we operate independently from Starlink.

Our Services:

  1. Standard Installation: Experience a professional installation of home or commercial Starlink Satellite Internet. Hardware costs will be determined separately to ensure the most optimal coverage for your installation.
  2. Roof Installation: Opt for our roof installation service, where we prioritize avoiding direct penetration of your roof. Instead, we employ alternative methods to securely position the “Dishy,” safeguarding it against adverse weather conditions like wind, rain, or snow.


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