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Tubac Chamber Of Commerce


Greetings to all our Visitors and Supporters, 

On behalf of the Tubac Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors, and staff, we thank you for your support over the years. We have felt and shared the challenges of COVID-19’s impact on our local artist community and across our country.

An artist is a person whose creative mind produces works of sensual, sensitive and original imagination.  That talent, sensitivity and imagination often becomes part of who we are and our culture. This Chamber is committed to the free expression of art as well as for the support and maintenance of our rural community environment.

We understand the last year has been a financial challenge to us all, however, we are asking your continuing support by becoming a Chamber member or making a donation, as you may be able to do so.  Annual, individual or couple membership is $75 and may be paid via credit card on our website or via check. 

The Tubac Chamber of Commerce is a 501(c)6 organization and your donation or membership may be tax deductible.

You will receive our quarterly newsletter and notice of cultural and artist events in Tubac. Please email us at with questions or to unsubscribe. The Tubac Chamber of Commerce is here for you.