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About Tubac


Tubac is located in Santa Cruz County in southern Arizona.  The majestic Santa Rita Mountains and the Santa Cruz River adorn Tubac’s beautiful landscape.  It is just 50 minutes south of Tucson, one hour from the Elgin Sonoita award winning wineries and 20 minutes north of Nogales, Mexico.  The Nogales, Arizona port of entry is a major throughway delivering fruits and vegetables across the United States and Canada. Santa Cruz County enjoys a business-friendly environment. 

The elevation of 3,250 feet bring cool summers and an occasional snowstorm in the winter.  The monsoons in July through September provide a spectacular display of thunder, lightning, and rain.  Following a monsoon, the sun welcomes a brilliant rainbow, most often, double rainbows.  Tubac is a migratory path for birds stopping to rest and feed on berries from the Mulberry trees along the Santa Cruz River. 

The quality of life in Tubac is tranquil offering clean air, plenty of golfing, walking, biking, hiking, and an easy going atmosphere.  Tubac’s full time population is 1,200 almost 4,000 during January to April when midwestern and eastern visitors escape their snowy winters. Tubac’s peaceful existence is complimented by the vibrant and talented artists of the Village. The three Village roads house two museums, many art galleries, and shops with unique and exciting offerings. There are exceptional restaurants with guitarist and vocalists adding to the weekend evening romance ambiance. 

AreaVibes assigns Tubac a Livability Score of 78/100, which is considered excellent.  The crime rate in Tubac is 80% lower than the Arizona average. 

Whether you visit for the day, a week, or a few months, you will simply cherish Tubac. 

Tubac: Where Art and History Meet