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imageedit_1_4179939206The Silver Hat is an Art and Jewelry Gallery, owned by 

Valerie St. John DeLong. Mediums found in the gallery are: Oils, Acrylics, Jewelry, Bronze Sculptures, Pottery and Crystal~Glass. 
     Valerie retired as an Army Chaplain in 2009.  Her undergraduate degree was in Musical Arts (Piano) and business. In her 20’s she put her business education to use by starting, owning, and operating a catering service in Denver. After 6 years of displaying beautiful and healthy food, she sold the business to finish her degree and attend seminary before entering the military as a chaplain.  
She retired in 2009 as a Colonel, after 22 years of service.
Valerie turned her love of jewelry making, a pastime, into an art by creating innovative designs and learning about the quality of stones, as well as showing in galleries and stores.  Fine art, a pastime during her military years, is now a full-time joy as she manages the gallery and works directly with award winning artists from around the world.  When one enters The Silver Hat, the freedom of  artist expression, discipline and experience shows forth in an elegant display of mixed media. 

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19 Tubac Rd

Tubac Az 85646


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PO Box 1866
Tubac, AZ 85646
Main Phone: 520-398-2704
Direct Line: 520-398-2704

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