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At Global Family Legal Services, our mission is to expand global unity and provide access to justice via high-quality, low-cost legal counseling and services. Our commitment is to give legal guidance and assistance to promote the pursuit of living and working with confidence and without fear. Our nonprofit, publicly-supported program of legal counseling, advocacy, and education is dedicated to actively bringing about a more compassionate and cooperative world.

Since our opening in 2005 our staff has accommodated the needs of our clients, including making house calls to those clients who are unable to come into the office. We currently have 1 attorney, 4 staff members, all of whom are committed volunteers, and a number of part-time volunteers. Through community education presentations and networking with like-minded attorneys, we have a network that offers affordable legal representation to many areas of Arizona and to other states as well.

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4 Will Rogers Lane

Tubac, AZ 85646


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PO Box 1866
Tubac, AZ 85646
Main Phone: 520-398-2704
Direct Line: 520-398-2704

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