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At Global Family Legal Services, our mission is to expand global unity and provide access to justice via high-quality, low-cost legal counseling and services. Our commitment is to give legal guidance and assistance to promote the pursuit of living and working with confidence and without fear. Our nonprofit, publicly-supported program of legal counseling, advocacy, and education is dedicated to actively bring about a more compassionate and cooperative world.

Since our opening in 2005, our all-volunteer staff has accommodated the needs of our clients. Recently, our clients’ primary focus has been immigration and naturalization. Through our work with like-minded staff and attorneys, we have developed a skillful network offering affordable legal representation to various areas of Arizona, different states, and international clients as well.


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4 Will Rogers Lane

Tubac, AZ 85646


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PO Box 1866
Tubac, AZ 85646
Main Phone: 520-398-2704
Direct Line: 520-398-2704

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