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Health is a timeless formula for happiness.  Wishbone is a haven to investigate your concerns and rest your bones.

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Soulistic Healing Center

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Arizona’s Only Destination for Copper Ionized Chlorine-Free Pools & Complementary Healing Modalities

A destination health resort spa offering a variety of complementary healing modalities, products and educational materials focusing on the exploration of the “Art of Living” through the integration of the body, mind and spirit.

The Soulistic Healing Center specializes in a variety of touch therapies including an eclectic blend of massage, craniosacral therapy, reflexology, reiki, Watsu aqua therapy, and acupuncture as well as extensive detoxification modalities including infrared sauna detox and Ion-Cleanse treatments. 

Our 5 copper ionized, chlorine and chemical-free Jacuzzis and heated lap and Watsu therapeutic pools create no harmful byproducts for you or the environment, and are available and recommended for those with chemical sensitivities lending a complementary element to any health program.  Enjoy the pools and our outdoor infrared sauna by themselves or in conjunction with a treatment.

With the understanding that most physical ailments, especially chronic conditions, have a psycho-spiritual component; that our beliefs, emotions, fears, and other patterns of thinking, feeling, and doing can cause and/or prevent the healing of disease in the mind and body, we offer unique and cutting-edge Spiritual Morontian Counseling and Tron Therapy modalities, which are a higher form of spiritual counseling designed to help individuals with personal faith questions, hopelessness, anomie (lack of purpose), anger, fear, resentment, sadness, feeling lost, confusion, actualization, and destiny purpose. Our spiritual counselors are all professors at The University of Ascension Science & The Physics of Rebellion and much emphasis is put on changing the thinking processes and life circumstances to heal the body.

Our staff’s unprecedented level of service, love, care and attention to detail provides a relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere to meet each individual soul’s unique needs.

“Healing first begins in the mind, and many diseases of the body first begin with inappropriate thinking.” ~ Gabriel of Urantia

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20 Calle Iglesia

Tubac, AZ 85646




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PO Box 1866
Tubac, AZ 85646
Main Phone: 520-398-2704
Direct Line: 520-398-2704
Email: info@tubacaz.com

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